2022 Integrated Report

The 2022 Integrated Report (IR) assesses the quality of the surface waters in the state and identifies waterbodies that are not meeting water quality standards. These standards support the designated beneficial uses that protect water quality for drinking water, recreation, aquatic life, and agriculture. Waterbodies that do not meet one or more of their beneficial uses are classified as impaired in the IR and placed on the Clean Water Act 303(d) list.

The Draft 2022 Integrated Report is currently available for review and public comment. The public comment period runs from October 29 to December 3, 2021. Download the report PDF and data files using the buttons below. Data files include a download of the numeric criteria used in the Draft IR, site-level assessments, site metadata, the 305(b)/303(d) list in an Excel format, as well as parameter-specific data files containing all considered data. Use the map at the bottom of the page to view assessments spatially by assessment unit. When you are ready to make your comments, please click “Submit Comments” and follow the instructions for filling out the form.

Map Instructions

Click the assessment unit polygons for draft assessment information. Hover over the layers button to turn on and off assessment category polygons. The “Reset View” button will set the map to its original bounds around the state of Utah. Use the “Search” box to look up assessment units by name or assessment unit ID.

Questions and Comments

Elise Hinman (ehinman@utah.gov)
Integrated Report Coordinator
(385) 602-7277

Jodi Gardberg (jgardberg@utah.gov)
Watershed Protection Section Manager
(801) 536-4372